The Highest Earning Company In Each State, Mapped

The Highest Earning Company In Each State, Mapped

Every now and then, it’s helpful to put Silicon Valley’s economic power in perspective. Today’s reminder that we still live in a largely un-disrupted world comes via HowMuch, which made a map showing the biggest company headquartered in each state by revenue. Each state is sized to reflect the revenue of its largest company — and, as you can see, Arkansas is quite a bit larger than California or any other state.

Yes, Walmart still crushes the competition, with a practically unfathomable $486 billion in annual revenue. And the top ten list is full of other old-school stalwarts like ExxonMobil, Berkshire Hathaway and General Motors, though Apple and Amazon make appearances.

1. Arkansas, Walmart, Inc.: $486B

2. Texas, ExxonMobil Corporation: $226B

3. Nebraska, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.: $224B

4. California, Apple Inc.: $216B

5. Minnesota, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated: $185B

6. Rhode Island, CVS Health Corporation: $178B

7. Michigan, General Motors Company: $166B

8. Pennsylvania, AmerisourceBergen Corporation: $147B

9. Washington,, Inc.: $136B

10. New York, Verizon Communications Inc.: $126B

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